Personal and Contractor Coverage

Personal or Contractual Health Plans, such as Sonata or PlanDirect, are specifically designed to fill the gaps left by provincial health plans. They are an excellent solution for contractors or self-employed individuals who may be able to deduct this expense, or for those individuals who do not have access to a group benefits program.

There are a wide variety of plan options that range from basic core benefits to enhanced coverage.  You also have the flexibility to add optional coverages such as hospital accommodation and out-of-country travel medical insurance.

Some plans require completion of a medical questionnaire in order to qualify, and pre-existing expenses (such as an existing prescription) may be excluded from coverage. Premiums are based on your age and how many people will be covered; insurers reserve the right to adjust premiums each year for their product.

If you are looking for coverage after losing your employer plan, make sure you apply for PlanDirect within 60 days of leaving the old plan to take advantage of the guaranteed acceptance offer.

PLANDIRECT Ideal for people leaving prior coverage, or are retiring or nearing retirement.

Enhanced Healthcare for Individuals PlanDirect can help fill the gap between your provincial plan coverage and what you pay.

PlanDirect offers health and dental benefit plans designed for individuals retiring or leaving their job, providing flexible coverage for people with different needs and lifestyles. You can apply for PlanDirect if you are under 74 years old, and have had prior health insurance coverage in the last 60 days. You do not need a medical exam to qualify for PlanDirect. People with pre-existing medical conditions may apply for coverage, and unlike many health insurance plans, there is no overall lifetime maximum on the payments you can receive.

With PlanDirect, you're covered if you move to another province in Canada, as long as you continue to qualify for provincial health insurance.

And, if you are retiring from or leaving a job through which you had a benefits plan, you may qualify to be automatically accepted for coverage at our guaranteed acceptance rates, without providing medical evidence.

From basic coverage to the maximum protection available, our plan selections, optional benefits and valuable PlanDirect services will make it easy for you to prepare for your healthcare needs.

You can choose from three plan designs, each has varying levels of coverage depending on your needs:

  • Basic
  • Comprehensive
  • Premier

Add up to four optional benefits to your plan:

  • Accidental death and dismemberment,
  • Emergency travel medical,
  • Cash benefits while in the hospital
  • Major dental coverage